If you were around and old enough when the first Sony PlayStation was launched, you’ll probably remember how Sony used to market the console by almost always having a demo of Crash Bandicoot running on it. Safe to say that many PlayStation gamers grew up playing the game and its various iterations, so learning about the remaster was probably good news.

Now if you’re wondering what the remastered version of Crash Bandicoot will look like, you’re in luck as Vicarious Visions made a surprising reveal over the weekend during the PlayStation Experience by showing off gameplay footage. The footage shows off what we can expect in terms of gameplay as well as graphics.

There are some moments in the trailer that shows off the original game, and boy do we have to say that the difference is truly night and day! It’s almost as if the remasters are completely brand new games themselves, which we’re assuming that’s the goal here which is to introduce Crash Bandicoot to a new generation of gamers.

There will be a trio of Crash Bandicoot games that are part of the release called Crash Bandicoot: N’Sane Trilogy. Unfortunately we do not know when they are planning on releasing the game, but it is expected for a release some time in 2017.

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