death strandingEarlier this year, Hideo Kojima unveiled the trailer to his studio’s upcoming game, Death Stranding. A few days ago during the Sony PlayStation Experience that took place over the weekend, Kojima Productions took the wraps off the second trailer. Both trailers were equally creepy, weird, and trippy.

However it seems that they might be more connected than we thought. According to a post on Reddit by constablegrimes (via Kotaku), it seems that if you were to play both the first and second trailers side-by-side, you’ll come to realize that both trailers seem to be connected to one another somehow.

An example is in the first trailer at the part where Norman Reedus’ character suddenly finds the baby in his arms missing. However at the same time the baby disappears, in the second trailer Guillermo del Toro’s character turns on a switch in the cannister he is holding in his arms and suddenly a baby appears, which many are assuming is the same baby from the first trailer.

Now it could be coincidental, but the timing is spot on which makes it hard to believe that it was done by accident. According to Kotaku, it seems that Kojima retweeted their article which some seem to think that it’s basically a “confirmation” of sorts. Kojima himself had previously said following the release of the second trailer that there are clues hidden in them, so perhaps this could be one of them. In the meantime you can head on over to YouTube Doubler to check out the trailers played side-by-side.

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