Doom 4 was announced many years ago before it was cancelled and rebooted into the DOOM game that we know today. So the question is why cancel years of work? Turns out the reason for the cancellation was because the game felt a bit too much like Activision’s Call of Duty, and not as much as Doom as id Software would have liked.

This was revealed in an interview with id Software’s Marty Stratton in the video above by noclip. According to Stratton, “It was much closer to something like [Call of Duty].[There were] a lot more cinematic[s]; a lot more story to it. A lot more characters around you that you were with throughout the course of the game.”

Stratton also revealed that Doom 4 would have taken place on Earth, which we have to say is an interesting change of pace, but unfortunately it seemed to have lost that feeling in the process. “It didn’t feel as much like Doom as I think a lot of us expected it would feel or hoped it would feel.”

It seemed that the decision to reboot the franchise was a good one because according to all the reviews of the game, they have been largely positive with Metacritic giving it an 85% rating, while PC Gamer rated it at 88%, and Trust Reviews gave it an 8/10. In any case if you have some time to spare, you can check out the DOOM documentary “To Hell & Back” in the video above.

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