kojima-productionsIn case you’re unfamiliar, Kojima Productions is the name of the studio that Hideo Kojima had set up after his departure from Konami. Safe to say that many are looking forward to getting their hands on the company’s first game, Death Stranding, which at the moment still has no solid release date.

That being said if you’ve been a fan of Kojima’s for a long time and his work and you wouldn’t mind showing your love and support, it seems that the company’s mascot, also known as Ludens (or Ludence) is available to purchase as a statue. This is a half scale statue created by Prime 1 Studio and it will retail for a whopping $2,000.

However those who are hesitant at forking out so much money upfront, not to worry as it seems that you’ll be able to pay in installments at $225 a month. According to the statue’s description, “He wears an ‘extra-vehicular activity (EVA) creative suit’, and often carries a flag bearing the Kojima Productions logo which is based off Ludens himself. Ludens is prominently featured in a video titled ‘Kojima Productions logo movie’, where he treks into the unknown of space and plants the studio flag into.”

We’re not sure why anyone would want to own this statue, but like we said if you are a fan of Kojima’s work and you just want to show how big of a fan you are, then maybe this could be worth collecting. It is expected to be delivered to customers between January to March, 2018.

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