Image credit - Sam Spicer/Peta Pixel

Image credit – Sam Spicer/Peta Pixel


Have you ever owned a piece of electronic equipment that was apparently so badly damaged that you have been told that it would be cheaper to just get a new one? Usually those are the excuses we hear from repair companies when it comes to computers or smartphones, and also for cameras, as photographer Sam Spicer had learnt recently.

It seems that during the course of his travels, Spicer was taking photos of the beach at Okinawa, Japan, when his kayak flipped over and sent his camera tumbling into the wet sand. Thankfully the camera survived, but he had lost the use of the AF/AEL button in the process. He took it to Sony UK/EU who then told him after inspection that the camera was “beyond economical repair”, which we guess sounds like they’re telling him that it would be too expensive to fix, and that getting a new one would be more economical.

Spicer thought that was that until he made a trip to Thailand where more issues began to flare up with the camera, and he decided that maybe Sony Thailand would have a different answer for him, and sure enough they did. They managed to repair the camera for only $120, a good sight cheaper than buying a new camera, and possibly a lot cheaper than getting it fixed in the UK.

If you’re wondering about the moral of the story, basically if you are being told that it is too expensive to repair, you don’t have to take their word for it and can try multiple stores or even overseas if it’s convenient because you never know what someone else in another country might tell you!

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