Image credit – Sony Japan

Despite there being digital card games like Hearthstone, there is still a huge demand and player base when it comes to physical card games, especially Magic: the Gathering in which the game has been chugging along just fine for the past couple of decades. However what if you could play a digital version of Magic but using physical cards?

That’s pretty much the idea behind Sony’s Project Field, a recently announced effort by the company in which it will allow players to use physical cards to play digital games. Basically there is a pad in which users place the physical card on it. The card itself will require NFC as this is how the information is read and sent to a phone/tablet on an accompanying app.

Straightaway this pretty much eliminates all existing physical card games, but Sony says that the first title to support Project Field will be Level-5’s Yokai Watch. The pad will be able to detect movement and can be read and written on, meaning that attributes of the card could be changed and recorded in the game.

This is an interesting idea but like we said, compatibility is limited as there aren’t that many physical card games that have NFC chips built into them. However the upside here is that it is portable, which means that you could bring it out with you and have a game or two with your friends.

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