ipad_pro_001According to a report from about a week ago, it was suggested that Apple’s 2017 iPads could either be delayed or in short supply at launch. This was apparently due to TSMC’s foundry problems that produced poor yields of the 10nm chips. However that report might have been false as TSMC has since refuted those claims.

In a report from EE Times, the company is refuting claims of poor yields from its foundries and that things are “totally on track” with regards to the production of 10nm chips. The company also expects that sales of these chips will help bolster their sales revenue for the first quarter of 2017, which coincidentally enough is also when Apple is expected to reveal refreshed tablets.

Of course it remains to be seen whether or not the company can produce enough chips to meet the demand of the new iPads as well as for other devices that will take advantage of the 10nm manufacturing process, but for now we guess we’ll have to take TSMC at their word that everything is fine.

TSMC is expected to keep pushing the envelope and come 2017, they plan to ramp up 7nm production, followed by 5nm in 2019, and ultimately 3nm as early as 2022.

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