gta_6Is Rockstar working on Grand Theft Auto 6? Given the success of GTA 5 and the franchise as a whole, it would be silly if they were to pass on the opportunity at making a sequel, although for now we reckon that they’ll probably want to keep milking GTA Online for as long as they. However it seems that in Brazil, it’s a different story.


In a post on Reddit, it seems that someone has spotted GTA 6 on sale! Of course it should be noted that this is by no means the actual game, nor is it real when you consider the fact that the cover shows that it has been launched for the PS2. Instead according to the comments on Reddit, it has been suggested that chances are we are looking at a heavily modded version of GTA San Andreas, which might not necessarily be such a bad thing.

That being said we guess this does make for a good laugh or two. Like we said GTA 6 is probably in the works or at least at some stage of planning. However with Rockstar focusing on the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 which is set for a release later this year, we reckon that GTA 6 will still be quite a long way off from being announced.

In the meantime Rockstar has been keep the GTA franchise fresh with GTA Online in which every now and then, the developer announces new updates and additions to the game to stop it from getting stale.

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