nokia_8Recently there have been some rumors making their rounds to suggest that during Qualcomm’s presentation at CES 2017 where they unveiled the Snapdragon 835, that the company also revealed an upcoming Nokia handset in the form of the Nokia 8. Naturally many were excited about this, but as it turns out it wasn’t the Nokia 8 after all.

According to the folks at, they published a letter from Qualcomm rep Catherine Baker who confirmed that the device shown off at CES was simply a reference design handset and not a Nokia device. “We do not disclose details of our reference design. We’ve seen a few stories rumoring what we demonstrated in our CES booth to be a Nokia device, those reports are not accurate, our 835 demos were on our own reference design devices which we use to demo our Snapdragon SOC’s every year.”

As per Baker’s comment, details of the reference design will not be revealed so we have no idea what kind of specs (other than the Snapdragon 835) is packed under the hood, but basically it wasn’t a Nokia 8. That being said while some of you might be disappointed, don’t forget that Nokia will be announcing new smartphones at MWC 2017 next month, so it isn’t really that long of a wait to find out the details.

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