Razer showcased a very interesting project at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 earlier this month called Project Valerie. It’s a gaming notebook that features 3 built-in 4K displays. Project Valerie was unlike anything we’ve seen before and someone liked what they saw so much that they actually stole prototypes from Razer’s CES booth. The prototypes have now popped up on an online marketplace in China for almost $22,000.

Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan confirmed last week that Project Valerie prototypes were stolen from the company’s CES booth. “We treat theft/larceny, and if relevant to this case, industrial espionage, very seriously,” he said. The company has even offered a reward of $25,000 for information on the stolen prototypes.

Whoever stole them from Razer’s booth at CES 2017 was apparently able to get them out of the United States and down to China where they were listed on an online marketplace much like eBay. The prototype was listed for sale at a price of 150,000 CNY which converts to roughly $21,700. The listing has since been deleted either because the unit was sold or the person who listed it got spooked following the media coverage about the theft.

It’s unclear whether law enforcement agencies have any leads that they are pursuing, particularly in China, given that the stolen property popped up there. Razer hasn’t said anything more about the entire debacle.

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