Save for “Silent Hills”, games produced and Hideo Kojima aren’t necessarily what you would consider to be in the horror genre. In fact the Metal Gear Solid is more of an action-adventure game than anything, which is why some might have been surprised at the announced of Kojima’s next game, Death Stranding.

Based on the trailers and imagery, it looks like it could pass off as some kind of horror game, but Kojima wants gamers to know that it isn’t. In fact Kojima wants gamers to know that a big feature of the game will be the humor, in which he will be trying to bring the style of humor from his previous games into this.

Speaking to Glixel, Kojima was quoted as saying, “I don’t have a dark mindset in particular. Death Stranding is not a horror game. I just wanted to make something that looks very unique, something you haven’t seen before, something with a more artistic slant to it. I’m not pursuing a dark aspect to the game.”

He adds, “Humor is a very important aspect for games. You play a game for a very long time – Death Stranding is a big game, too – and you put stress on the player and you lead them through peaks and valleys. Humor is an important aspect to make sure the player can enjoy playing across these peaks and valleys.” Death Stranding still does not have a fixed release date, but last we heard it will probably be released by 2019 so we still have quite a bit of waiting to do.

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