[MWC 2017] Back in 2013, Google launched their first Pixel Chromebook laptop which thinking back now, was the precursor to the company releasing more Pixel branded tablets and smartphones and ultimately moving away from the Nexus brand. The company followed up with the Pixel 2 in 2015 which last we heard, had been discontinued back in late 2016.

However if you’re hoping that we would be getting a Pixel 3 this year, you might be disappointed to learn that will not be happening. According to a report from TechCrunch, it seems that Google held a small meeting with journalists during MWC 2017 in which the company’s SVP for Hardware Rick Osterloh announced that Google would no longer be making Pixel-branded laptops anymore.

To be clear the decision to end the Pixel laptops does not mean that Chrome OS will be going anywhere or that Chromebooks will end as well. It just means that Google has decided that they no longer want to make their own branded laptops anymore. Osterloh also reminded journalists that the units previously available in the market have already been sold out and that there are no plans to make anymore either, so don’t expect to be able to find a Pixel 2 if you’re hoping to console yourself.

We’re not sure why Google decided to pull out of the laptop game, especially when we have been hearing rumors about the Pixel 3 laptop already, but either way we guess if you’re looking for a Chromebook, Google won’t be a brand you’ll be able to consider in the future.

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