Niantic’s Pokemon GO has been something of a cultural and technological hit. It introduced people to Pokemon who never played any of the games before, and it also showed how augmented reality could be used in gaming. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that the game has managed to pass 650 million in terms of downloads.

This is according to a report from Polygon in which they are quoting Niantic who made the announcement at the 2017 GDC. However despite this impressive figure, Polygon has suggested that this could actually be a sign of Pokemon GO slowing down. This is because in the two months following its debut, the game racked up 500 million downloads.

So for Pokemon GO to add an extra 150 million downloads in the months after that, it certainly isn’t at the same pace as it once was. However we guess this is to be expected and is pretty normal for most apps where at the start there will be a spike in interest before it tapers off and normalizes. This is where developers need to keep users interested with updates and new features.

That being said, Pokemon GO has apparently experienced a bit of a surge in downloads recently thanks to the addition of 80 new Pokemon. We expect that they will probably experience another surge when Pokemon trading and player battles are finally implemented.

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