[MWC 2017] We know that not everyone needs a projector, but in case you do, maybe you’re the type that does a lot of presentations on the road, or maybe you attend a fair amount of parties and would like a big screen to showcase movies or videos on, then that’s where portable projectors come in handy.

At MWC 2017, Sony has taken the wraps off its own projector in the form of the Sony Xperia Touch, and if you were curious about why it falls under Sony’s Xperia lineup, it is because this is an Android-powered projector that kind of doubles up as a tablet at the same time. This is because the Xperia Touch can project onto pretty much any surface and transforms that surface into a touch screen.

This means that you can pull up websites or videos and be able to control them as if you were touching the screen itself. Given that it runs on Android, it also means that it has access to the Google Play Store which also means that you’ll be able to download all kinds of apps, such as games, and play them on pretty much any surface too.

Unfortunately the Sony Xperia Touch does not come cheap. The project is currently priced at a whopping $1,600 and is expected to be launched in Europe sometime this Spring. No word on whether Sony will be launching the Xperia Touch stateside yet.

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