The co-founder of Android Andy Rubin set up a new company called Essential not too long ago. It has been known that Essential’s first product is going to be a new smartphone. Rubin sent out a teaser yesterday which suggested that Essential’s first smartphone will be a bezel-less wonder. It wasn’t clear at that point in time whether the handset would be running Android or another OS but Google parent company Alphabet’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt has confirmed that it’s going to run Android.

Rubin hasn’t revealed a lot of details about his company’s first smartphone so there’s certainly an air of mystery surrounding it right now, partly because it’s coming from the company that has the co-founder of Android at the helm.

Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt tweeted a couple of hours ago that there are “phenomenal new choices for Android users coming very soon,” quoting to Rubin’s tweet with the smartphone’s teaser.

One would have expected Rubin to choose Android for his new smartphone given that he helped create the operating system that rules the smartphone market globally. Whether or not it’s going to be a drastic fork of the OS remains to be seen.

Essential is expected to unveil its first smartphone in the coming months.

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