It is only to the benefit of handset makers if you spend a lot of time on their devices. This means that you get more entrenched into their ecosystem, use their apps and services, and potentially makes you a loyal customer for life. However in more recent times, these companies have started to introduce features that actually try to discourage users from overusing their devices.

In fact Google had such an initiative in the form of Digital Wellbeing, which the good news is that the feature is now coming to the Essential Phone in an update. The feature was previously an exclusive to Google’s Pixel and Android One devices but in this update, it seems that more non-Pixel devices are getting it.

For those unfamiliar, Digital Wellbeing is a new platform introduced in Android where it shows users how much time they have spent on their devices, and also how much time they’ve spent on various apps on their phones. This is similar to Apple’s Screen Time where users will also be able to manage notifications so that they can try and reduce how much time they spend on their phones.

In addition to Digital Wellbeing, the update to the Essential Phone also brings about the latest Google security patch for March.

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