It was over a year ago when Instagram first announced that it was enabling two-factor authentication on the world’s most popular photo-sharing social network. The Facebook-owned company has gradually rolled out this feature to its hundreds of millions of users across the globe since then. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has confirmed that the two-factor authentication feature is now available for all of the company’s users across the globe.

Many criticized Instagram last year when it announced that it was finally going to provide users with this layer of security as they thought that the company had waited far too long to enable it.

They certainly wouldn’t have liked the fact that it took Instagram more than a year to roll out two-factor authentication for all of its users across the globe. However, now that it’s out, it will be in the best interests of users if they enable it immediately.

Enabling Instagram two-factor authentication is simple enough. All users need to do is open the settings menu in Instagram and find the option that’s placed above “posts you’ve liked.”

Once it’s enabled, users will receive a security code on their mobile phone whenever they try to access their account for a new device. If it’s not them that’s trying to do that they instantly know that someone is trying to break in.

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