If you own a Pixel handset and in recent times you’re discovering some issues with its microphone, know that you’re not alone. According to several posts on Google’s support forums (via Android Police), it seems that quite a few users have been complaining about their microphones failing on them.

According to the original post, it reads, “Received my pixel today and after a few hours of use and set up the microphone stopped working entirely, except when recording video upon which it’ll record audio fine as if nothing were wrong. I factory reset the phone and the issue still persists everywhere but the camera app.”

The good news is that Google is aware of the problem and they seem to believe that this is a hardware issue and not a software one, so don’t expect a software patch to fix it. Instead Google employees are recommending that users return the handsets, although they do point out that this problem seems to have been fixed in recent times.

Google employee Brian Rakowski writes, “Also, we have been taking additional steps to reinforce the connection at time of manufacture on phones built since January. Phones manufactured in the last month should not have this problem. For phones manufactured before then, the incidence of the problem is <<1%. I know this thread makes it seem much more prevalent, but there is a selection bias at work here.”

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