Do you think that a review carries more weight if it were to be written by someone who paid for a game, versus someone who got it for free? Perhaps you might argue that someone who paid the game might be expecting more than someone who got it for free, and perhaps that’s what Valve is thinking as well.

The company has announced that they are making some slight changes to its review system where reviews made by gamers who did not purchase the game won’t have their reviews affect the overall score. This means that while the reviews will still be displayed, it won’t affect the score whether it be an extremely positive or negative review.

This applies to gamers who might have gotten the game through a gift, promo code, or through a free weekend event. However like we said this is purely about the overall scores so the reviews will still remain, so if a game has been given a negative review, it will still show up and potential customers will be able to make an informed decision.

Note that this only applies to paid games, so free games and free-to-play titles won’t be affected by this. According to Valve, the reason for this decision is to “better reflect the sentiment expressed by invested, paying customers.”

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