AMD came out with its RX400 series graphics cards last year, it marketed them as powerful options for PC gamers who didn’t want to spend a lot of money on hardware. The company today announced the successor to this series. AMD Radeon RX500 series graphics cards have been officially launched today. The company promises that they’re going to provide more performance but without having the customer pay more money for it.

There aren’t a lot of major differences between the RX400 and RX500 series graphics cards. However, they do come with increased clock speeds throughout the entire series without a price increase.

The best model, AMD RX580, touts a base speed of 1257 MHz as well as a 1340 MHz boost speed which is an improvement from the 1120 MHz base and 1266 MHz boost on the RX480. Similar improvements can be seen across the entire lineup.

The company has also added an entry-level option to the lineup. The RX550 has a 1183 MHz boost speed and 2GB of RAM. The price starts at $79 so it’s a very affordable option for those who don’t want to rely on an integrated graphics card.

What AMD customers are really going to appreciate is the fact that even though the new series provides more performance, they don’t have to pay more for it. AMD’s RX580 with 8GB RAM costs $229, the RX580 with 4GB RAM costs $199, the RX570 with 4GB RAM costs $169 and AMD is asking $99 for the RX560 with 2GB of RAM.

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