Call of Duty is largely seen as a title that is playable on the likes of consoles and PCs. However there have been several mobile titles released over the years, although last we checked the last version was Call of Duty: Heroes which was released back in 2014 and was more like an RTS version of the franchise.

For those who wouldn’t mind seeing more Call of Duty titles arrive for mobile, you might be interested to learn that Candy Crush’s developer King appears to be working on a version for mobile. This is based on several ob listings on King’s website in which they are clearly seeking art directors, level designers, and system designers for a mobile Call of Duty game.

At the moment it is unclear as to what kind of content this particular title will have, or what kind of gameplay we might expect. For example while there have been several FPS and third-person shooter Call of Duty titles released on mobile, like we said the latest release was a completely different take on the game.

There’s no telling when this particular title will be announced, but given that King is still actively seeking employees, perhaps it might be a while before we see anything concrete. In the meantime is anyone else excited by the idea of a new mobile Call of Duty game?

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