Earlier this week Nintendo made a very surprising announcement when they revealed that they would be discontinuing the extremely popular NES Classic Edition. Given that last we heard they managed to sell 1.5 million units, it seemed like something that they’d want to keep making and selling, right?

Now there is some potential good news, and we have to say that you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up just yet but there might be a very slim chance the discontinuation could be temporary. According to the folks at Polygon, it has been noticed that the Japanese website for the Famicom Classic Edition (which is Japan’s version of the NES Classic Edition), Nintendo’s phrasing of the discontinuation suggests that the console could be coming back.

According to the translation, the message on the website reads, “This product has ended production for now. When production is being resumed, we will tell you on our website.” Now we’re not sure if something could be lost in translation, but it definitely does sound like Nintendo isn’t completely closing the doors just yet.

It is entirely possible that maybe this could only apply to the Famicom Classic Edition and that the NES Classic Edition will still be permanently discontinued, but we’re really hoping that is not the case. Either way like we said, don’t get your hopes up just yet and if you still haven’t gotten your hands on the console, now’s probably a good time to do so.

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