Tesla’s Supercharger network is a crucial part of the company’s aim to bring electric cars to the masses. They enable owners to take long trips knowing that they will find a station along the way which will quickly juice up their vehicle. Tesla has now decided to offer free Supercharger use to all existing owners of its electric cars.

Tesla previously offered free lifetime Supercharger use to all owners but it decided to change that policy a few months back. The company has now made another change to the policy.

It’s allowing any and all existing Tesla owners to use the Supercharger network for free. This offer covers owners who bought their Tesla after the January 15th cut-off date.

If an existing Tesla owner upgrades to a Model S or Model X in the future, they will retain their right to free Supercharger use.

First-time Tesla buyers are covered as well. The company’s referral program enables existing Model S and Model X owners to pass on their free Supercharger use to as many as five buyers through their referral code.

This move is going to go a long way for Tesla as it will earn the goodwill of its customers and that might come in handy as it seeks to shake up the car market with its first mass-market electric car, the Model 3, which is priced at $35,000.

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