Sony has released a new software update for the PlayStation 4. The update is now available for download on the company’s console. The PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.70 doesn’t bring any major new features but it does bring performance improvements. According to reports, it even brings new icons for some of Sony’s own apps, like the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation 4 owners across the globe will receive an over-the-air update notification today when the firmware goes live in their region. They will be required to download firmware update 4.70 or else they will not be able to access network features until they do.

There wasn’t much talk about this update prior to its release but that’s mainly because no major features were expected to be included in the next routine update for the PlayStation 4. The changelog simply mentions that this update brings stability and overall performance improvements for the console.

There’s nothing in this update to get really excited about. Some reports do mention that it brings new app icons for some of Sony’s native apps for the PlayStation 4, so users are likely going to notice a slight change in the user interface once they’re on the latest software version.

Sony has started rolling out PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.70 today and it should go live soon for all console owners. With the firmware versions creeping closer to 5.0, it may not be long before Sony announces what it has in store for us with firmware update 5.0.

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