Back when smartphones were still new, there were issues with battery life where not only did phones take long to charge, but they also depleted even faster. These days thanks to quick charging technology, the time it takes to juice a phone back up is considerably shorter, but next year the time it takes could be even shorter.

This is thanks to Israeli startup StoreDot which demonstrated its fast charging battery tech back in CES in 2015. That was two years ago, but according to the company’s CEO Doron Myersdorf told the BBC that he believes that the technology is ready to go mainstream and that it could enter production as early as 2018.

This means that come next year, we could start seeing smartphone makers potentially adopt StoreDot’s technology in which batteries could take as little as 5 minutes to charge back up to full. However not everyone is convinced, and one of them is Ben Wood, a technology analyst at CCS Insight.

According to Wood, he is skeptical that such a rollout could take place as quickly as the company claims. However he admits that should they managed to achieve that, it could be a major moment for the industry. “Taking risks with battery technology can bite you. I would say that experience has taught me to always remain sceptical. Let’s see if it happens would be my view.”

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