Snapchat’s hardware ambitions were realized with Spectacles. They can be best described as a pair of shades with an integrated camera that makes it easy to capture interesting bits of your life that you can then share on Snapchat. There was a lot of hype surrounding this product when it was first launched but that has since died down, so much so that the company sold just over 63,000 units in the first quarter of this year.

To be clear, Snap itself hasn’t shared this figure, it hasn’t officially confirmed how many units were sold in the January to March 2017 quarter.

However, Snap did say that it made $8.3 million in its “other revenue” category. When you divide the price by the $130 price that Snap is charging for the device, this would mean that the company sold 63,846 units of the Spectacles.

Granted that Snap only started selling Spectacles online in February. Before that, it had only been selling the device through vending machines that were popping up in big cities and were very hard to find.

It does show that it’s not that easy to sell hundreds of thousands of units even if you happen to be an app that’s used by countless people across the globe.

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