Last year we heard reports that gaming company Atari was making hardware once again. Earlier this year it sounded like the company was close to announcing something, and now it looks like Atari is teasing something yet again which based on the name of its website, will be known as the Atari Box.

At this point it is really anyone’s guess as to what the Atari Box could be. However given that Atari is a gaming company that used to make hardware (and is starting to do so again), we can only imagine that it will be related to gaming. We’re doubtful that it will be a console since trying to compete against Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo at this point in time does seem rather tough.

It is possible that maybe Atari could be launching some kind of retro gaming console like Nintendo did with the NES Classic Mini. With the success of the console, perhaps Atari is thinking that maybe they could cash in on nostalgia which seems to be making money these days, what with all the remasters and what not.

In any case we guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Atari has up their sleeves, but those who are interested can head on over to their website and sign up to be notified whenever the Atari Box is launched.

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