You might have owned an Atari console at some point in time. The company has been out of the hardware game for some time now but it has announced its return. Yes, it’s right, Atari is going to start making hardware once again but unfortunately it’s not going to be a console. The company is jumping on the Internet of Things bandwagon and it will be making connected smart home devices instead.

Atari hasn’t provided too many details about its upcoming hardware devices, only that it’s going to create smart home gadgets which will range from “highly sophisticated” to “simple.”

Its connected smart devices will be in the safety, pets, lifestyle, and home categories. These products will be made possible through a partnership with Sigfox. It’s going to provide the Internet of Things technology which will actually power these devices. Atari is focused on the consumer market for connected objects as well as on the charity space.

Granted, Atari isn’t the first company that pops into mind when you think about connected smart home devices, the company is better known for its iconic consoles. However, times demand that the company try and reinvent itself, and that’s what it’s doing with this latest project. Whether or not it will be successful in this remains to be seen.

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