There are many valid arguments that one could make about how desktops might be better than laptops when it comes to productivity. For example a better cooling system, larger display, the ability to upgrade components easily, and so on. However there are times when laptops are a necessity, especially if you travel a lot.


However when it comes to laptops, you have to consider whether you want power or mobility, in which power usually means opting for gaming laptops that usually come with considerably beefier specs thanks to larger displays and also dedicated GPUs, but NVIDIA is hoping to change the conversation as they have unveiled new Titan xP and Quadro external GPU solutions.

External GPUs aren’t new, but like we said these are new external GPU solutions announced by NVIDIA who will be working with various hardware partners, such as Bizon, Magma, and Sonnet who will be launching compatible solutions in September.

According to Bob Pette, NVIDA VP for Professional Visualization, “While more computer power than ever is needed for VR, photoreal rendering and AI workflows, mobile systems are getting thinner and lighter, with limited performance and memory. Our eGPUs can now solve this problem, enabling creatives to plug into our most capable GPUs so they could do their best work on the most graphically demanding applications.” There is no word on pricing just yet.

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