A 23-year-old man was plotting to assassinate the president of France and fortunately before he could carry out the crime, his plot was discovered by users of an online video game forum. Police arrested the man last week who was planning to assassinate the recently elected President Macron of France during the country’s Bastille Day celebrations in the coming weeks.

Members of this unnamed video game forum alerted the police to his plot after he visited the forum and asked where he could get his hands on a “Kalashnikov-type weapon” which he would have used to carry out the attack.

The Guardian reports that he had tried to get this information on a chatroom linked to a video game. Fellow users were quick to report him to the police. The game has not been named.

When the police turned up at his home last week, the man threatened them with a knife. He was subsequently arrested and charged with “plotting to commit a terrorist act.”

During his interrogation post-arrest, the man said that he had been plotting to kill the president of France at the Bastille Day celebrations in order to make a “political statement.” U.S. President Donald Trump is also expected to attend the celebrations later this month

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