For the most part, device makers of Bluetooth accessories and peripherals usually include battery indicator lights or levels. This is because no one likes to find out halfway that they’re suddenly out of juice, but the good news is that even if your device doesn’t come with battery indicators, it could soon be a feature of Android.


Recently the folks at XDA have been digging around the Android Open Source Project and according to their findings, Bluetooth battery indicators could become a feature of Android. This means that being able to check all your Bluetooth device battery levels in one shot could soon be possible, meaning that you won’t need to check them one by one, or in cases with devices that don’t display battery levels, play a guessing game.

However we should point out that this feature isn’t exactly new. There have been handset OEMs who have included such features in their devices, like Samsung for example, but with this inclusion in AOSP, it means that for those running stock Android like Nexus or Pixel devices, they will be able to look forward to these features in the future. When exactly will this feature be released is also unclear, but perhaps we could see it in the next major Android release which is Android 8.0 O.

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