Intel is innovating with new form factors of comptuing products and it has been showing off some amazing products. The company has now teased its new form factor for solid state drives. The new “ruler” form factor for SSDs is going to be available in the near future. The ruler form factor SSDs are meant for super high-density storage racks.

This is all part of Intel’s non-volatile Optane memory system release. The company has already released its enterprise PCIe implementation for servers as well as its Optane Memory module for consumers.

Intel has now teased its new form factor for SSDs which looks like a ruler, the drives will be long and skinny like a ruler. Intel seeks to revolutionize enterprise storage with its ruler SSDs.

The aim with this new form factor is to achieve high storage density that requires as little power and cooling as possible. Intel says that they are meant for use in super high-density storage racks with up to 1PB in a single 1U server.

Intel is yet to reveal more information about this new SSD as it has only teased the form factor right now. More information about the product such as its dimensions and connectors will be revealed later. It may not be long before it comes out with that information since Intel says that these SSDs will be available soon.

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