As much as Google tries, it’s safe to say that getting the latest version of Android into the hands of Android users will always be a bit slow, namely due to the fact that there are so many different Android handset makers, and all of them with their own release schedule, which is why more often than not you see many handsets still running last year’s build.


That being said, there have been improvements made to the releases over the years, and as far as Android 7.X Nougat is concerned, things appear to be chugging along rather nicely, at least according to the latest stats released by Google in which Android 7.X Nougat is currently sitting at a distribution figure of 13.4%.

This is versus the previous month in which Nougat was at 11.5%, so for it to rise by 1.9% is pretty decent. Unsurprisingly Android 6.0 Marshmallow is still dominating at 32.3%, which is odd when you consider that last month, Marshmallow was at 31.8%, so it seems like the number of Marshmallow devices actually increased.

However other than that, the rest of the older builds of Android have been on the decline, although admittedly somewhat marginally. Android 8.0 O has yet to be released so we have to say that we are curious as to what figures Nougat will be able to achieve before that.

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