After unveiling the first batch of 8th Generation Core “Coffee Lake” processors last month for notebooks, Intel today launched its latest series of processors for desktops. The one major difference in the 8th Generation lineup is that the core count has been increased across the entire desktop range. For example, the entry-level Core i3 processor now has four cores instead of two.


Similarly, the mid-range Core i5 processor now touts six cores instead of four and the Core i7 models have six cores with support for hyper-threading.

Intel claims that its Coffee Lake processors are 32 percent faster compared to their predecessors and up to 65 percent faster compared to a three year old computer for tasks like video editing.

Intel’s desktop lineup contains six 8th Generation chips at launch, there are two for each processor class. Prices for the new lineup start at $120 for the 3.6GHz Core i3-8100 and go up to $359 for the 3.8GHz Core i7-8700K.

The prices haven’t been finalized for retail just yet. Customers can expect to pay between $30 to $50 more for a comparable 8th Generation chip than they would have paid for its 7th Generation counterpart at launch.

Those who are looking to upgrade to these new processors also need to keep in mind that they will also have to purchase a motherboard built on Intel’s new Z370 chipset. Intel is going to release the new processors on October 5th.

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