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Steam has been setting new concurrent user records over the past couple of years. Then again, it’s not like Steam’s popularity is fading away. It’s a very popular service among PC gamers and they continue to flock to it in greater numbers. Steam has set a new concurrent user record. Steam reached 15 million concurrent users for the first time ever earlier today.

So what does Steam mean by concurrent users? It’s a measure of how many people were logged into Steam at a certain point in time. Earlier today, more than 15 million people were logged into Steam at the very same time.

This has never happened before but Steam come close earlier this year. We saw back in January when the service’s status page revealed that a new concurrent user record had been set at 14 million.

Before that, the last Steam concurrent users record was set back in January 2016 when it revealed that more than 12.3 million people were logged into the gaming service at the same time.

It wasn’t just Steam that hit a peak today. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds set a new record today as well. It had an impressive 1.3 million concurrent users which is the highest ever on Steam. The previous record for most simultaneous users on a game on Steam was held by Dota which hit a peak of 1.29 million users.

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