The debate surrounding PC versus console gaming will probably never end given how different both platforms are from each other. PC gamers could argue that PCs can do more than just play games, and they can be customized according to a gamer’s preference and budget. Console gamers on the other hand can argue that they’ll never have to worry about not being able to run a game.

That being said, there is one distinct advantage PC gamers have over console gamers and that is the choice of hardware such as GPUs, where PC gamers with a bigger budget can afford better hardware that allows them to push their games to higher limits. In fact just recently the folks at Digital Foundry have put together a video comparing the graphics of Destiny 2 on the PC versus that of the PS4.

For those unfamiliar, Destiny 2 was launched on the PC just the other day, making it the first Destiny 2 game to find its way onto the PC. In the video above, Digital Foundry does an excellent job of comparing what the game looks like on either platform, comparing features like shadow quality, frame rate, textures, LOD, and more.

It is clear that the PC has the advantage here, but we should note that graphics is just one aspect of gaming, and that there are other factors to consider too, but if you’re going purely for graphics and you have the hardware to support it, it looks like PCs have the win here.

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