Google’s new Pixel phones are supposed to be their latest and greatest, but unfortunately for some reason the phones weren’t exactly launched to a great start due to varying complaints about quality. One of the issues raised has to do with the Pixel 2 XL’s display burn-in, but the good news is that Google will be addressing them.

Google first addressed issue in a statement that says, “Extensive testing of the Pixel 2 XL display show that its decay characteristics are comparable to OLED panels used in other premium smartphones. The differential aging should not affect the user experience of the phone, as it’s not visible under normal use of your Pixel 2 XL.”

However despite their defense, Google also added that they will be looking into trying to resolve this on a software side through updates that will help fade out the navigation bar after a period of inactivity, reduce max brightness by 50 nits, and also working with app developers to encourage them to use white navigation bars instead of black ones to help reduce burn-in problems further.

To top it off, Google has also announced that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets will now be covered by a two-year warranty, which includes the units that have already been sold. Whether or not users will need it remains to be seen, but we suppose having that peace of mind isn’t a bad thing.

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