Lego confirmed earlier this year that it was building a “Women of NASA” set. The idea was actually submitted to the company by Maia Weinstock, the MIT deputy news editor, in its Lego Ideas competition. The set is ready now and will soon be available for purchase. Lego has confirmed that the Women of NASA set will be sold starting next month.

There are four different figures included in this set that pay tribute to the four exceptional women who achieved great things at NASA. It includes Sally Ride, she was the first American woman in space while Mae Jemison was the first woman of color in space.

Margaret Hamilton helped develop the software for NASA’s Apollo missions while Nancy Grace Roman played a big role in bringing the Hubble Space Telescope to life. All four of these women get their very own Lego versions.

Weinstock’s original pitch for the Women of NASA set also included Katherine Johnson, she was known for her accuracy in computerized celestial navigation. She conducted technical work at NASA for decades.

However, she doesn’t seem to have been included in the final set. According to reports, Lego ran into some problems in gaining approval from her and her family. Lego is going to release the Woman of NASA set on November 1st for $25.

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