The NES Classic was launched last year to great success, which is why many were probably bummed out when Nintendo announced that they would be discontinuing it. This led to resellers posting their stock on websites like eBay where it was fetching prices 3-4 times higher than what retailers were selling them for.

If you passed on paying a premium for the console, that was a good choice because as you might have heard, Nintendo announced several months ago that the NES Classic will be returning in 2018. In fact speaking to The Verge, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime promised that the console will be returning in “significant numbers”, which hopefully should be enough to satisfy the demand for them.

According to Fils-Aime, “We know that there are many consumers who want that system and have not been able to purchase it. Certainly we’re not happy to see the re-seller prices on that system. And so bringing it back, and bringing it back in significant numbers, is something that’s important to us.”

So far thankfully Nintendo hasn’t really run into the same supply issues with the SNES Classic, or at least if there are they aren’t quite as obvious as was the case with the NES Classic. Nintendo is expected to keep production of the SNES Classic running into 2018 and had previously warned customers against paying a premium.

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