Given the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of units that handset makers produce, it would actually be something of a miracle if not a single unit made it out of the factory without some kind of issue. Manufacturing defects tend to be normal, but for some reason it seems that Google’s Pixel 2 handsets are facing more than a few.

Recently we have heard that there are some users experiencing screen burn-ins, and now according to other reports, there are some Pixel 2 owners who are reporting that their Pixel 2 handsets are making weird clicking and high-pitched sounds. As noted by Android Police, there are over 100 users who have confirmed the issue in the Pixel User Community, and there are probably more who have come forward to acknowledge the issue too.

So far some users have had luck by disabling NFC, but it doesn’t seem like a long-term fix. It also does not solve the high-pitched whines. According to Google, a fix for both problems is expected to be released this week, but for now if you really can’t stand it then Google has suggested that customers experiencing the problem begin the RMA process.

It is unclear as to how widespread this problem is, but hopefully it isn’t too big of an issue which would be a pity considering that the Pixel 2 has had some pretty good reviews so far.

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