Gifting on Valve’s Steam gaming platform isn’t exactly new. In fact gamers have been gifting each other gifts for quite a while now, although the only downside is that you have to know what the person wants, which can be gleaned by looking at their wishlist. However if you’d rather just gift your friend money, that option is now available digitally as well.

Valve has finally added digital gift cards to its Steam gaming platform. This means that in addition to being able to purchase gift cards from the likes of GameStop or Best Buy, gamers now have the option and added convenience of being able to buy these gift cards digitally to add funds to their Steam wallet or give it to a friend.

Gamers will be able to make the purchase using a variety of payment services, ranging from your usual credit/debit cards, to using PayPal, or alternatively if you have Bitcoin lying around, you will be able to make payment using the cryptocurrency as well. As GamesBeat has noted, this feature seems to be only available via the Steam website at the moment and not the desktop app, but presumably it should be added to the desktop app soon.

With several Steam sales coming up, plus the holiday season, this could be a useful feature for sending someone a gift if you don’t know what game they would like.

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