We’re sure some of you guys might have heard about the great burger debate of 2017, where the question is, do you put the cheese above or below the patty? According to pretty much all tech companies who make their own emojis, the cheese usually sits above the patty, but Google seemed to think otherwise, leading many to question Google’s life choices.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai got in on the debate and promised it would be his top priority in fixing it, and sure enough he delivered. According to a report from Emojipedia, Google has finally fixed its hamburger emoji, where as you can see in the image above, Android 8.1 Oreo will see Google place the cheese above the patty.

In addition to fixing the burger emoji, it seems that Android 8.1 will also address other emojis, such as the beer mug emoji where in Android 8.0, the mug had this weird space between the beer and the froth, but Android 8.1 fixes that by bringing the beer all the way to the top. They’ve also fixed the cheese emoji where previously it looked like the holes in the cheese were stickers, but in Android 8.1, they look like actual holes.

Of course this means that you’ll have to wait until Android 8.1 arrives on your device before you’ll be able to use them, but at least we have some closure now (phew!).

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