We’re sure many of you guys have done this, where if you see a fogged up mirror or glass, you can’t help but doodle something on it. This happens in the shower too, and sometimes some people like to jot down some notes, some ideas, or messages while in there, and Marriott Hotel wants to help you with that.


Dubbed the “Splash of Brilliance”, these are rooms that have a glass shower down that they can doodle on, and it comes with an accompanying tablet so that if you have any ideas that you want to save for later, you can just record it digitally and then send it your email later. We suppose you could always grab your smartphone and do it yourself, but hey, sometimes hotels like to focus on the convenience that they can add to your stay, so why not?

According to the company, “After learning that over half of business travelers feel that their best ideas come while showering, Marriott Hotels is testing a one-of-a-kind technology that allows guests to scribe or sketch their brilliant ideas and send it to themselves before they get washed down the drain.”

This is a pilot program for now and is expected to only run for two months, but depending on how well-received this program is, Marriott could decided to either shut it down or expand it to their other hotel chains, but if you’d like to check it out, it will be available at Marriott Hotels Irvine, California.

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