Moto Z2 Force Has Reportedly Only Sold 145,000 Units Through Carriers

The Moto Z2 Force was announced back in July and went on sale in August and is supposed to represent the latest and greatest smartphone from Motorola. Unfortunately it seems that despite Motorola’s best efforts, the competition could be proving a bit too strong for the company because according to the numbers from Strategy Analytics (via PocketNow), the phone hasn’t been selling so well.

Assuming the numbers are accurate, the Moto Z2 Force is said to have sold a total of 145,000 in the past three months through the various carriers that the phone was made available from. Breaking it down, Strategy Analytics claims that we’re looking at 10,000 units sold through AT&T, 15,000 from Sprint, 20,000 from T-Mobile, and the bulk of the sales of 100,000 units coming from Motorola’s longtime carrier partner Verizon.

It is unclear why the Moto Z2 Force isn’t doing as well as it could have, but like we said, it is possible that the competition from other Android handset makers like Samsung was too strong. Not to mention it wasn’t too long after that Apple launched their new iPhones, which could have seen some Android users jump ship to the iOS camp. Note that this is only the models sold through carriers, so taking into account the unlocked models, those numbers could be higher.

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