AMD has come out swinging against Intel this year with its Ryzen series of processors but Intel has gone ahead and hit AMD where it hurts the most. It has been confirmed that Raja Koduri, AMD’s lead GPU architect, has left his former company to join Intel. Koduri is now Intel’s new senior vice president and the head of its new Core and Visual Computing Group. This is a major indication that Intel is now getting serious about graphics cards.


Intel has been reliant on companies like NVIDIA and AMD for discrete graphics powerful enough to run 3D processing and top-tier games. With Koduri at the helm, Intel can finally start to develop its own discrete graphics business.

Intel has long offered integrated graphics but it’s common knowledge that they’re just not good enough when you want to perform graphics-intensive tasks. This isn’t the first time that Intel is trying its hand at making its own GPUs.

It has tried twice before and clearly, it wants the third time to be the charm. The company says that it’s going to “aggressively expand our computing and graphics capabilities and build on our very strong and broad differentiated IP foundation.”

While Koduri is going to start his new role at Intel early next month, it’s unclear when we can expect the first discrete GPU from Intel. The company certainly has some catching up to do with market leader NVIDIA accounting for a major chunk of the discrete graphics market.

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