It hasn’t exactly been easy to hack the PlayStation 4 but that doesn’t mean that hackers haven’t been trying to come up with a way. They’ve actually been able to find a way which enables people to run homebrew software on compromised consoles as well as emulators for PlayStation 2 games. However, there’s a catch.


An exploit was discovered recently which allowed for low-level system access on the PlayStation 4. The catch is that this hack can only be used on PS4 consoles running system software 4.05 because Sony patched this exploit with firmware 4.06.

Sony released firmware 4.06 back in November 2016 so if you’ve updated your PlayStation 4 at any point since then, you’re out of luck. It’s only those who have not updated their PS4s for more than a year who can take advantage of this exploit to run PS2 emulation and homebrew software on the PS4.

Hackers have taken full advantage of this exploit by adding Linux support, gaining full root access to the system via FTP, and adding the PS4HEN homebrew enabler. Things have got a point where package files can be installed on the console and tools are available to decrypt games. The games can be re-packaged and then installed on hacked PS4 units.

Working is also ongoing to reverse engineer PS2 Classics for PS4. Users can inject their own ISO files into a custom package that can install and run those titles on hacked machines.

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