PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a massively popular survival shooter that’s available on PC and Xbox One. It has tens of millions of players combined on both platforms and the numbers continue to grow. One complaint that many players have with the game is that its color palette is quite muted. Players on Windows have been able to use third-party programs called ReShade to fix that but the developer has come out against it. PUBG Corp. will soon roll out the PUBG ReShade block on PC.

As is the case with every popular game, PUBG has seen more than its fair share of cheaters. They’re quick to ban cheaters and have even added a data capturing solution so that players can file a report if they see something suspicious.

ReShade isn’t a cheating tool per se, it merely makes the game look more vibrant, but it does have a side effect. Opponents tend to stand out more against the background when ReShade is activated and this gives players using this program an unfair advantage.

While the game’s creator had said at one point that using ReShade wasn’t a bannable offense, the developers have confirmed via a forum post now that they’re going to block this program.

“We are testing a new anti cheat solution on our test servers this week and it is to block cheats more effectively,” the developer confirmed, adding that “This will also block 3rd party programs that modify the gameplay or visuals in an invasive way. Reshade is one of the programs that will be blocked by this measure.”

Once the tests are completed, the new anti cheat solution will be implemented on the live servers and programs like ReShade will be blocked for good.

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