Developers of the superhit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds title have confirmed that they have temporarily turned off player-to-player transactions or personal item trades. The word temporary is key here because as they’re working to find a way to ensure that this feature is not misused, the developers want to make it clear that this feature will eventually return to the title in due time.

PUBG players can normally trade items with each other through the market trade or personal trade features. The former lets them sell items through the Steam market system while the latter lets them trade items with friends without any costs.

The developer says that it has recently been noticing instances of players using the personal trade function to sell items through third-party sites. This amounts to abuse of the system which PUBG Corp. isn’t going to stand for.

The personal trade feature has thus been turned off to prevent the abuse of this system. PUBG Corp. reiterates that this decision to turn off the feature is temporary as it’s going to search for a better solution. “Once we figure out a way to prevent abuse, the restriction will be lifted,” the developer promises. So until such time, PUBG players will no longer be able to perform personal trades.

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