Apple has made some of the most beautiful gadgets to ever hit the market which is why it’s fitting for the company to have a very beautiful HQ which showcases its penchant for design and craftsmanship. Apple’s new HQ is a testament to that but there’s a problem, its employees won’t stop walking into the big glass panes.

The focal point of Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California is a large ring-shaped office with glass panes. The design is strictly Apple and while it looks really beautiful, it’s proving to be a nuisance for employees who won’t stop smacking into the glass.

The 45-foot tall curved glass panels are kept spotlessly clean. Inside the ring-shaped building, there are workspaces called “pods” that are also made of glass. According to a report, Apple employees are often glued to their iPhones as they’re going from one place in the building to another which is why there have been multiple cases of distracted employees smacking into the big glass panes.

Some staff tried to fix this problem by sticking Post-It notes on the glass doors to point their presence out to others but the notes were removed as they detracted from the building’s design. The report doesn’t mention just how many people have found themselves walking face first into a glass pane but one can imagine that it would have been a painful experience.

Apple declined to comment on this report.

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