Google might be getting serious about gaming as a new report from a usually credible source claims that the company is working on console hardware as well as a new game streaming service codenamed “Yeti.” The subscription-based game streaming service will reportedly work either on Chromecast-enabled devices or a console that bears the Made by Google tag.

The Information reports today that Google’s Yeti game streaming service is being developed. It would essentially be similar to PlayStation Now and GeForce Now from NVIDIA. The service will enable subscribers to stream games from cloud servers through a console made by Google. The console will have a hardware controller which will obviously be made by Google as well.

The addition of gaming hardware is said to be an expansion of the Made by Google initiative that started with the Pixel smartphones a couple of years ago. The Yeti game streaming service is said to have gone through multiple iterations already, including the aforementioned one with support for Chromecast.

It’s also claimed that Google has been in discussions with top gaming developers but it’s unclear right now if any of them will develop a game specifically for its service or only make their existing games available.

It’s also not known right now if and when Google is thinking about announcing its new gaming offerings. The company declined to comment on this report.

Filed in Gaming.. Source: reuters